Working out in heat and humidity

My local area is known for the severe winter temperatures and tremendous amount of snow accumulation.

Conditions often remain below freezing for six months.

We frequently have snow on the ground on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. It’s not all that surprising to need to shovel the driveway on Mother’s Day. Because of this, we are trapped inside for more than half of the year. I’ve needed to set up a home gym, because an outdoor workout is rarely an option. The cost of the bigger machines is high, and I’ve added to my collection gradually. I started with basic, smaller and more affordable equipment such as a weight bench, free weights and yoga mat. I eventually managed to add kettlebells, resistance bands and a treadmill. I recently purchased a stationary bike. Despite a fairly well-equipped home gym, I really prefer to get outside. I like to go for a run, ride my bike or even jump rope on the back deck. The fresh air is motivational. Our spring and summer weather in this area is normally quite moderate. However, this year, we are experiencing an especially hot and humid summer. I get up as early as possible, hoping to workout before the heat of the day sets in, and still face temperatures in the mid eighties. I don’t have air conditioning, so the interior of the house is horribly hot and sticky. There is no breeze outdoors. It doesn’t matter where or when I workout, it’s excruciating. I am always drenched with sweat before I even get started.


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