Ballet-style of workout

My mom enrolled me in ballet class when I turned three-years-old, and I immediately loved it.

I showed a natural balance and flexibility that helped me to progress.

By the time I was ten-years-old, I was spending most of my free time at the studio and had joined the company. We toured all over the United States and Canada. I continued to dance throughout high school and college. For a while, I dreamed of making ballet my career. However, it is a very difficult life that requires a lot of sacrifice. Dancers don’t make a lot of money, can lose their livelihood due to injury and have little opportunity for family. I chose to pursue a more stable career path. When I entered the workforce, got married and bought a home, I quit dancing entirely. I focused on my husband, my job and responsibilities around the house. Within a couple of years, I’d gained some weight and was unhappy with how I looked and felt. I missed ballet terribly. When I mentioned this to my husband, he offered to convert an area of the house into a studio. We put down hardwood floors and installed mirrors and a barre. I now get up earlier in the mornings to make time to workout in my studio. Ballet is extremely physically demanding, requiring a great deal of strength, flexibility, control and stamina. The movements work the entire body. I have since lost the extra weight, toned my muscles and improved my happiness. While I am no longer training for the lead in a public performance, I am focusing on my health and wellness again.

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