Cleaned the Heating plus Air Conditioning air ducts and get them resealed for the first time

It’s been a real odd time for me.

The pandemic has knocked me for a loop just as it has many, many people.

Yet, we were honestly lucky not to get the virus or lose anyone close to us. That said, spending a year plus at lake house in the air conditioning has taken a toll. I guess my fiance is so blissful to be back to her office with the zone controlled Heating plus Air Conditioning. The walls were caving in on him trying to labor from home. My life is still not back to normal and not by a long shot. I lost my area time task. But I took advantage of the time to keep the teenagers lake house as they both absolutely took to remote reading. After a year of all of us inside, I absolutely wanted to deep clean the house. And this year, I included the HVAC duct cleaning in that effort. This was the first time I had done that. It was a single of those things that seemed to regularly elude me. So I called the Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation up this past Springtime and made an appointment to get the HVAC duct cleaning followed by the HVAC duct resealing. I didn’t guess anything about the HVAC duct resealing but it is absolutely essential. Over time, the sections of air ducts can separate just the slightest bit. This allows spillage of Heating plus Air Conditioning treated air. With HVAC duct resealing, it seriously increases the efficiency of the Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. So not only is the home really, absolutely clean but we’re going to save substantial money on the Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling costs all summer.


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