Trying to deal with HOA plus their issue with my HVAC

I don’t genuinely like when people or entities think they can simply push myself and others around.

That seems to be such a strategy these afternoons.

Let’s just threaten plus bluster to push people around in order to scare them into our way of thinking. There is just far too much of that in our country right now. I’m pushing back plus it starts with the HOA plus their absurd fixation with my HVAC. Look, I get it. There is a reason for an HOA plus for rules that help ensure property values remain steady. This is more than acceptable. But the fact that, at a legitimately unique angle, a single can see my HVAC cupboard from the street is not going to effect the property value a green cent. But to hear the HOA, they are ready to go to war over what is, at best, a temporary situation. The fact is we’re in a drought plus my hedge didn’t grow in as fast as I thought it would when I planted it. The rule the HOA is hanging their hat on is that no HVAC equipment be visible from the street. Why this is so crucial, I’m not even questioning. I simply asked for patience until all of us can get the hedge to grow like another 2 inches. But that’s not great enough plus they want to threaten myself and others legally. So after some discussion with my partner, all of us said bring it on. My brother is a trial lawyer plus will make short work of these idiots. But it shouldn’t come to this. What happened to a bit of community, understanding plus the least little bit of patience over something no a single soul has complained about? It’s a fleeting sentiment I suppose.



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