Office Thermostat Woes are Behind Us

It is hysterical what some people will fight over.

Favorite pens, football team and politics are fodder for office arguments.

And man they can get ugly. I have actually had to bring people into my office to settle disputes. There have even been times where I threatened termination over the way some people could simply not stop arguing. I understand that when you spend such large amount of time with the same people, it can get a bit testy. However, there are very few instances where as the boss I can simply eliminate a source of conflict. But, I just did that very thing not 2 weeks ago. The HVAC and the thermostat have been a hot topic since I arrived at this office. Either it was too hot of too cold. There just wasn’t any way to please everybody. The thermostat was getting yanked around so much I was afraid it was going to fall off the wall. Then it started getting where there were actually factions within the office due to the temperature. I even went so far as to lock up the thermostat but that did nothing but make everyone mad. So, I had an HVAC contractor come in one day to help me find a solution. Our office is one big area that takes up the floor of a building. There are very few walls. However, the entire floor is heated and cooled by one thermostat. The HVAC guy suggested we adapt our current HVAC system into a zone controlled environment. The upgrade was minimally invasive and not overly expensive. The beauty of it is now each section of the office has its very own thermostat. So, after a few desk moves, the office found peace on at least one issue.

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