The cause of my migraines was lurking in my walls

I have suffered from migraine for as long as I can remember.

  • I have tried so many methods to try to eliminate my migraines, from over-the-counter medications, to topical creams and ointments, prescription medications, and even holistic methods like acupuncture.

However, for years, nothing had been able to prevent my migraines. A few months ago, I stayed in a hotel near the beach with some friends, and during that whole weekend, I didn’t have any migraines, so I knew that the source of my migraines was coming from my house. When I got home, I changed my air conditioner filter, vacuumed all of the carpets, and even cleaned out my air conditioner vents, but that night, I was still experiencing migraines. The next morning, I called my local HVAC company, and arranged to have my ductwork cleaned. There was so much mildew, dust and other debris built up within my ductwork, there was no telling what it was that was causing my migraines, but once the HVAC technician was finished cleaning my ductwork, I noticed how fresh the air in my home was. Ever since I had my ductwork cleaned, I haven’t experienced any migraines, and I have been feeling better than ever. Most HVAC professionals recommend having your ductwork cleaned every 6 to 8 years, especially if you have pets, but I haven’t had my ductwork cleaned in the two years since I bought the house, so there is no telling how long it had actually been since the ducts were cleaned. IF you suffer from migraines, it might be a good idea to call your HVAC company and schedule to have your ductwork cleaned today!



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