The game show gift

On our days off from work, I prefer to laze around the home and do nothing however watch TV, but yea, it sounds pretty lame i’m sure, however after how hard I labor all week, when I have a day or 2 to do nothing, suppose me, I take full advantage of it! The other day was a single of our days off, and I was watching a marathon of aged game shows on some station, however it was certainly awesome because these were all from the era I grew up in.

I forget what show it was, however someone won what they called the mystery prize of the day; And the prize struck me as actually odd.

The guy won themselves a central heating and a/c system. Yes, you study that right, a central heating and a/c system! Back in those days, I guess that was a big deal, however because back then, having a central Heating and A/C plan unit was not something all the people on earth could afford! So getting a central heating and a/c plan givin away to you as some prize was almost as fantastic as winning a top of the line brand new car! I did wonder what the catch was though. I bet they had to pay taxes on that central Heating and A/C unit. And, not to mention, I am sure they also had to hire their own certified heating and a/c specialist to install the central Heating and A/C system. Still though, in those days, that’s not too terrible a deal. These days, that wouldn’t happen on a game show with an Heating and A/C prize. They’d get laughed at.


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