The Air Filter Gave Me Away

There was something off about our air conditioning system that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I didn’t know if I was hearing things or if my mind was playing tricks on me, but it felt like our AC system was running harder and louder than usual.

Whenever I was home, I tried my best to listen closely to the rhythms of my HVAC system. The AC would turn on for a few minutes, then it would turn off and the house would become warm. This cycle would continue off and on all day long. I waited as long as I could before calling an HVAC professional, because I didn’t want to sound like an idiot. The HVAC professional was really kind and he took my concerns in stride and checked everything. He asked me how often I had my HVAC system serviced, and I told him twice per year because I knew that was the correct answer. In reality, I couldn’t remember the last time my HVAC system was looked at by an HVAC professional. I wish I would have been honest with my answer, because I only embarrassed myself. The HVAC professional removed my old air filter and showed me how disgusting it was. The air filter had been completely neglected and it showed. There was so much dust and debri built up on it, that it was falling off onto the floor! The HVAC professional knew that I’d lied about how often I had my HVAC system serviced, because there was no way an HVAC professional would forget to replace the air filter during their visit.


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