The air filter was the proof of neglect

There was something off about our cooling system but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

  • I didn’t really know if I was hearing things or if my mind was playing tricks on me, however it felt like our AC plan was running harder than usual.

Whenever I was home, I tried my best to listen closely to the rhythm of the Heating and A/C system. The AC would turn on for a few minutes, then it would turn off and the apartment would get too hot. The cycle would continue off and on all afternoon long. I waited as long as I could and then I called up a Heating and A/C professional, because I didn’t want to sound like I was an idiot. The Heating and A/C professional was entirely kind and she took my problems in stride. She asked me how often I had my Heating and A/C plan diagnosed, and I told her it was twice per year because I knew that was the right thing to say. But in reality, I couldn’t remember the last time my Heating and A/C plan was looked at by a Heating and A/C professional. I wish I would have been even-handed with my answer, because I only ended up embarrassing myself. The Heating and A/C professional took out the old outdated air filter and showed me how disgusting it was. The air filter had been completely neglected. There was so much dust and debris on it that it was falling off! So the Heating and A/C professional knew that I’d lied about how often I had my Heating and A/C plan checked out. There was no way an Heating and A/C professional would forget to replace the air filter.

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