I could have worked in a restaurant

My mom told me that I had to get a Summer task this year when private school was over! I did not have any plans to start school in September, so I had to look for a place to work.

I created multiple applications at sites around the city such as diners, grocery stores, as well as the Supercenter.

I also put an application in at the amusement park. They had an advertisement in the newspaper as well as they were looking for people to do tasks in the diner. I thought it could be fun to work at the amusement park in the diner, so I filled out an application in the main office, and some nights after I filed my application, I got a telephone call from the manager of the amusement park. She wanted me to come down to the area for an interview. The people I was with and I spoke for almost a minute that afternoon; however after the interview was over, she gave me work. I started the task the next afternoon. I was ready as well as willing to do any work. I legitimately did not expect to be assigned to an amusement park ride. I thought I was hired to do a task in the diner. Instead, I ended up now working at 1 of the roller coasters. I was hoping to spend all afternoon in the frigid AC, but I have to work in the heat as well as humidity! One of my friends got hired to do a task in the diner, and he is serving burgers as well as fries inside the building as well so he does not have to worry about the heat. He is perfectly glad now working inside with the AC. I wanted a task as well as I got 1. I know I should be glad even if I don’t have any AC.
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