Hoping to tone my belly for the sake of my wedding dress

In two months, I am getting married.

I want to look my best in my wedding dress.

White isn’t the ideal color for most women. My dress is fitted and the material clings to my curves. I feel pretty good in it except for the belly area. I would like to tone my stomach so it isn’t a bulge in the dress. I have made changes to what I eat. I now stick to chicken or salmon for dinner with a side of steamed vegetables. During the day, I snack on fruits, plain yogurt and applesauce. I have noticed that I have already slimmed down. I don’t want to just be skinny. I want toned muscles. If my belly draws attention, I want my fiance to be impressed by my abs. I tried following along with workout videos that are ab focused. I basically just laid on the floor in my living room and listened to the woman on the screen talk. I am now considering the local gyms that offer personal training. I would like a certified fitness expert to guide me through a strenuous ab workout. I tend to hurt my neck when I concentrate on ab exercises. I am probably doing something wrong. I also hope to include both upper and lower abs. I am not sure which exercises to do. The one gym offers group fitness classes. It might be helpful to have the support and motivation of other people. It would encourage me to show up and work harder. I only have 2 months left to get in better shape. I need to make every workout count.

Semi-Private Fitness Training