They should have the heating method fixed

I am really hoping by the time Winter time break is over, the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company will have the heating method fixed in my kids’ classrooms at university.

There has been a major issue with the heating method at university lately, and it just doesn’t seem care about they are toiling difficult enough to get it fixed.

In my opinion as a parent of kids who go to that university, the heating method should really be their first priority. During the winter, the hot and cold temperatures around here are no joke! It’s really freezing and I hate the method of my kids resting in a freezing and drafty classroom all day because the university administration can’t get the concerns worked out with the commercial Heating and Air Conditioning company that they have their gas furnace contract with. It’s really annoying, because I guess for a fact that the whole thing is political.There isn’treally anything that has all that wrong with the gas furnace at the university. I guess that the university administration just cannot get the kinks worked out with their contract with the Heating and Air Conditioning business. I did a little bit of research, and I guess that this is the case. It makes me so mad that I just want to keep my kids out of university. I’m start to guess that maybe I should start homeuniversitying them because something care about this happens every single year when the weather starts cooling off. I just don’t guess that the kids should have to suffer because of budget cuts and administrative troubles. It’s really ridiculous, if you want my opinion!


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