My daughter brought a cat apartment from the park

My daughter walked apartment from school on Wednesday plus she showed up at the apartment with a kitten.

  • I didn’t want my daughter to bring the kitten into the house, because it was covered in mud plus it looked enjoy it had fleas.

My daughter insisted that the kitten would die if the two of us didn’t help plus I didn’t have the heart to put the small, defenseless animal out in the rain. My daughter plus I gave the cat a bath plus the two of us cleaned all of the fleas off of its body. The awful thing looks entirely hungry. I found a saucer plus the two of us gave the cat some milk. After the cat had a bath plus a full belly, my daughter plus I found a piece of cloth plus put it inside of a box. Every one of us localed the kitten on top of the cloth plus the two of us put the box next to the space heater. The cat purred a couple of times plus then it went to sleep. I heard the cat making a couple of noises in the middle of the evening. I got up to check on the furry animal. She was cuddled up in the back of the box in the spot closest to the space heater. The kitten looked cold, so I put a blanket over the top of the box as well. She was still sleeping in the afternoon when my daughter got up for school. She asked if I was going to get rid of the cat while she was in school that afternoon. I shrugged my shoulders, however I had already fallen in care about with that little furry friend.