Pests can hide in the most mysterious places

Notorious for lurking in the yard and other areas.

Shrubs, trees, and even a single outdoor machine can find that type of problematic past that can cause damage in a matter of days.

I wasn’t about to crawl into the attic space to look at some lights last weekend, so I called someone to do the work for me. Every one of my friends as well as myself for drawing straws to see who would be the trickiest of all. A crucial wasp nest was located by the garage, as well as we diagnosed after dark would be the best time to particularly work on getting rid of them. Every one of my friends as well as myself sprayed the thing down with a bunch of insecticide. All of the bees were going crazy as well as trying to leave as well as trying to sting us. I prodded the thing five times with a stick to make sure it was empty, before giving it a toss Into the Woods. I found some laundry booster that is supposed to be all natural poisonous to ants, as it dries their exoskeleton. I hate using half tea pesticides right next to the AC condenser. That was the next place that I noticed a small bees nest. I was in a big hurry to get them away from the AC condenser, as a nest full of bees can quickly do damage and cause a huge problem. One of my neighbors had a problem with bees in their AC condenser, plus they ended up chewing right through one of the lead wires.



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