All new workout plans

The biggest difference between living out here in the country, and living in the city where I was raised, is the noise.

  • In the city there is a constant wall of noise, between the cars, the horns, the people, the trollies, and everything else you never find a moment of quiet.

Out here in the country, the silence can roll on forever. After living a life of non-stop noise, the quiet can be a little overwhelming at times. I have taken to wearing my headphones while outdoors, just to have some music to offset the silence. Another thing I miss about the city is having a gym. Out here, there are no gyms, not for a 45 minute drive anyway. This threw a huge monkey wrench into my life, and made me start all of my workout plans over from scratch. I had to work with what I had, and with no gym equipment other than some simple free weights, my old workout plans were impossible. That doesn’t mean my workout goals were impossible, though, as I realized that fitness comes from effort, not from a gym. I started jogging and walking every single day, combing that with the weight lifting I could do in my barn. In the evenings I would often pull up a yoga class on Youtube and follow along in my living room. If I am being honest, sometimes I did the yoga, and other times I just watched the pretty people doing yoga! My new workout plans are still very much a work in progress.

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