His workout program in jail

My neighbor Mike spent eight years in prison for bank robbery.

He is the nicest guy you could ever meet, by the way, and I never would have guessed he was an ex-con. He was a bit on the heavy side, although I could clearly see he used to be ripped but had let himself go. Mike and I share a wall, and will often talk to each other on our side-by-side balconies over a beer in the evenings. Mike told me all about his time inside, and how he basically stopped all forms of exercise after he was released. I am a personal trainer, so I was very interested to talk to him about this. When he was inside he spent hours a day doing nothing but weight lifting, because how else could he pass the time? His cellmate was really into yoga, and taught Mike a hundred different positions over the years, but once again he only did it to pass the time. I said that he could still do yoga now, while he was watching tv or hanging out with me, but that didn’t interest him. Another reason to maintain a solid workout program in jail is to become strong and fierce enough to ward off predators. Since there were no predators out here, he stopped lifting weights. Since he had more things to do with his time, he stopped doing yoga. I offered him my free services as a personal trainer if he ever changed his mind, but he said that being free and fat was okay in his book.

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