I am trying to get my landlord to fix my air conditioner

Renting a house instead of buying a house is definitely not a great way to go.

However, I have no choice in the matter.

I do not have good enough credit to purchase a house or get a mortgage, so renting is my only decision. I thought I was lucky to find an apartment that had a central air conditioner. With most rental homes, you will notice that air conditioners are one of the things that they usually leave out, meaning that the renter has to purchase their own air conditioner. With central air conditioning, I didn’t have to worry about purchasing an air conditioner for every room in my house. In the contract, it says very clearly that the landlord was responsible for having the HVAC units inspected regularly, and he was also responsible for any repairs that would be needed. This was necessary to know because my air conditioner stopped working a few weeks ago, and I tried calling my landlord to let him know that it needed to be fixed. At first, he tried to tell me that it was broken because of me and that it was my responsibility to repair it, but the contract said that it was his responsibility to repair the air conditioner, even if it was my fault, which it was not. After reminding him of this, he told me that he would contact an HVAC company to fix the air conditioner. After a week, my air conditioner was not working still, and the landlord wasn’t returning my calls. I might stop paying rent unless he fixes my air conditioner.
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