A swarm of bees was in the hospital

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I had to go to the hospital, where our family physician is.

We usually park in the parking and walk up, but this time, we parked in the parking tower.

We had to walk through the hallways and right past the outdoor picnic area they have for the kids. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t anyone outside picnicking. We were running a bit late for the doctor’s office, so we just kept right on walking. We got upstairs and heard a couple nurses talking about the beehive that was in the kid’s outdoor area. From what I could gather, no one had been stung, but the beehive had doubled in size, just overnight. A couple of the doctors were out there checking out the beehive, in an effort to ascertain what kind of bee it was. They found out it was huge beehive filled with hornets. When we were finally heading downstairs to go home, we were told we had to get off at the second floor instead of the main floor. When the doctors came inside, they had disturbed the nest so much that some of the bees from the hive had followed them and there were thousands of bees in the lobby area, along with those that were outside in the picnic area. They had to call the local pest removal company to ask them to remove the nest and the bees. The doctors were upset because they were afraid they would destroy the bees. They told them they had to be taken alive and the beehive must remain intact.

Commercial bee removal

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