The Courthouse Buzz

My husband had to go to the Courthouse to take care of some family business.

  • We couldn’t figure out what all the buzz was about, with people running frantically about and others looking like they were scared to death.

It was like a bunch of chickens flitting around the pen when they could smell a fox coming around. I thought maybe there was a bomb threat, but no one was leaving the building, but just hiding in their offices. We went upstairs only to hear everyone talking about the huge beehive that was hanging from the County tree. I could not believe that a bunch of grown people could be so afraid of a bees nest. It wasn’t until we were leaving the Courthouse that we had a chance to get a real look at the beehive. This beehive was huge and there were so many yellow jackets buzzing around, that it looked like a cloud of yellow. There was a man standing near who was dressed in a beekeeper’s outfit. He had a smoking gun in his hand which was forcing the to move away from the smoke. They were all heading into the beehive and becoming very sluggish. I could see one large bee that he had picked up in his fingers. It must have been the queen because all the other bees followed her. Within minutes, he had the bees calm and he was able to round them all up in a bag. He destroyed the remainder of the beehive. I was glad we were watching this from our car.

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