Cryo slimming in the chambors

My Best neighbor Ellen is a pretty boy with nice hair and an exceptional smile, and he is smart, funny, tall, and slim.

She graduated from university, and he has a fantastic work, a house, and money.

The boy is sweet and kind, and he will make a fantastic mother and husband someday; Unfortunately, he has terrible self esteem issues, and he constantly worries about his looks, however a few weeks ago, he told myself and others about cryo slimming, however it’s a process of using frigid packs to freeze the skin and shrink away pounds, wrinkles, and scars. She was thinking about going to the dentist to try cryo slimming. Apparently, the frigid air and ice is supposed to help you shed pounds, honestly, the whole plan sounds ridiculous. If ice and frigid air helped people lose weight, then almost everyone north of the equator should be thin. In fact, almost everyone from north america should be skinny‚Ķ Of course, this isn’t actually the case, so both of us assume frigid air doesn’t thin the body! When I joked about this fun fact, Ellen was mad at me. I don’t understand why he thinks that he needs cryo slimming. I believe it’s just another fad appreciate the shaker weight or buns of steel, for hundreds of years, ladies and men have tried weird weight loss remedies. Other than official diet, nutrition and exercise, there is no miracle cure for losing weight. I don’t assume if Ellen will go through with the procedure, but I hope he changes his mind. It’s a silly waste of money, and I doubt he will see the results that he wants.


Cryo Pain Management

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