A new idea for janitorial services

Many years ago, I worked for a union that was affiliated with colleges plus state run institutes.

  • One of the toughest works I had to do was when they wanted to dismiss all of the in-cabin janitorial personal plus hire contracted janitorial services.

I had to help to make create plus submit a system plus bid to the School Board, that would rival that of the professionals plus convince the School Board that it would behoove them to keep our in-cabin janitors. We went to a lot of janitorial services plus I did a lot of research. I wrote pages of notes on how to write a system plus prepare a professional looking bid, it took our team plus I a couple of weeks before we were able to get the system for janitorial services written plus turned on before the end of our deadline. What normally took a professional janitorial repair contractor over a month to do, took us a mere numerous weeks. In the proposal, we showed the college board how they would be able to give raises to the janitors that were now in-house, purchase new device plus hire one part-time janitor, plus save nearly $1,000,000 less per year over the next numerous years. We sweated bullets until we heard back from the college board. They had conferred with other janitorial services plus gone over all proposes from numerous other janitorial services. In the end, they accepted our proposal. Three years later, I was no longer now working for that college district. When the contract came up for renewal, they had no one to sit down plus rewrite the janitorial services contract, plus the in-cabin janitors were left go.


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