Custodial services are now in the building

When the janitors were all let go in our local college, the School Board had replaced them with a custodial services contractor. Every night, these people would come in plus go about their cleaning duties. Unlike the janitors the college board had fired, the custodial services employees had no vested interest in the college. They didn’t have children plus grandchildren going to the college. The custodial services employees didn’t even job in the college district. The job they did was less than perfect plus there were several rooms that weren’t dusted or wiped down. There were more colds plus flu spread throughout the college that year, than in any previous years. Without the janitors to make sure everything was cleaned plus sanitized every night, the college had become a germ factory. The School Board was looking for answers as to why there was so much illness in the college plus the answer was clear if they were to look. The desk looked dirty plus there was food mashed into the carpeting. No carpet cleaning was being done at night plus the lunchroom floors were not being cleaned. The care the janitors had taken was in using germicide on the door knobs plus in the bathroom. They used disinfectant when they wiped down the desks plus chairs every night. The custodial services employees had only wiped them down with damp cloths once a week. Some teachers were complaining because their rooms had never been touched plus they had to empty waste cans when they got to their classrooms. I assume it is better to have janitors that care than to have a custodial repair that handed in the cheapest bids.


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