Looking for a personal trainer job in a brand new city

My wife and I met in college, when we were both obtaining degrees.

My wife works in the medical field.

She is a hospital administrator, and she has been with the same company for almost two decades. She started out in the medical records department and worked to this current executive position. A few months ago, the company offered to give my wife a new job with a huge bump in pay. We talked about the decision for several weeks, before making any decisions. The new job was located 600 miles away from our home, and that is no easy decision to make. Between the benefits, money, and company car, my wife and I decided to make the transfer. Unfortunately, it’s been very difficult for me to find work. I have been a personal trainer for the last few years. I built a significant amount of clientele in our old hometown, and I had to leave everyone behind when we moved away. Now I have to start over again, and it’s been very slow. There are several gyms that will hire me to work as a personal trainer, but then I won’t have my own business. I would prefer to be my own boss and work as a personal trainer only when I want. So far, I only have a handful of clients. We meet at the park, riverwalk, or other outdoor locations, or I drive directly to their home. I had to lower my rates to get customers, and I will probably need to keep them low for a year or two. My wife comes home from work each afternoon and she is very happy and content. That means the move was absolutely the right decision.

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