Making my company utilizes online advertising tactics

I have expanded into facebook and twitter to keep my business on top of things

I run a small HVAC company. I started this business over 30 years ago. I began as a technician with a large HVAC company. I gradually saved up to owning my own small HVAC dealership. As times have changed, business has expanded. It has also gotten more difficult to generate new customers. Every home and business owner needs heating and cooling services. People are ready to pay for HVAC installation, service plus repairs. The difficulty is getting my business name out there. I want customers to call on me rather than the competition. There are a lot of companies all competing for the business. To make my little business stand out, I have gone with digital advertising. I hired a reputable SEO business to ensure that my business website ranks as high as possible on google. The SEO team uses keywords such as furnaces, heating, cooling, air quality, boilers, ductwork and heat pumps. When someone types any of those words into google, my HVAC business shows up for the service. I have thought about trying out search engine advertising, This is where I pay for ads on google. My business would show up highlighted at the top of the page if the keywords are typed in. The issue is that any time the ad is clicked on, I pay a fee. For now the SEO strategies are helping me to generate sufficient business. I don’t need to invest in pay per click, I can just allow the team handle my advertising. I have expanded into facebook and twitter to keep my business on top of things. Being on social media platforms makes sure my name is out there and potential clients are seeing us in other arenas besides google. My business is doing quite well since I invested in online advertising.


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