Furnishing a brand new home

When my boyfriend as well as I purchased our home, I was certainly happy with the contemporary architecture.

However, the interior of the lake house is certainly open, with sizable windows that allow in a great deal of sunshine.

However, this open concept made it really difficult to find furnishings to meet as well as fit the space. I drove all over the place, checking different furniture stores as well as looking at rugs as well as curtains. I couldn’t find anything I liked… Nothing seemed ideal for the house. Most of the sofas as well as tables were either too big, too small, the wrong color or the wrong look. I was feeling certainly discouraged by the time a neighbor of mine told me that I should contact a custom furniture shop. I assumed that this would be way more pricey than I could afford. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by the cost of the piece. It was truly a larger investment than buying through a big-box store, however everything is of much higher quality. Plus, I had the benefit of working with a expertiseable as well as skilled designers as well as craftsmen. The designer looked over the house, took measurements as well as asked about my needs as well as goals for the home. The two of us worked out an idea for colors as well as textures as well as fabrics. The furniture, draperies as well as everything was made for the house. The result is easily a wonderful one.


High end furniture

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