A more durable custom made kitchen table

I have lots of sons as well as our big family has made it difficult to find a suitable kitchen table.

I guess it’s crucial for the whole family to rest down together for dinner every night.

We don’t require anything ornate, but I wanted a table that would seat us all comfortably. Most everything I found at the furniture stores was far too big to fit into my kitchen. Additionally, I was also unhappy with the quality; Even those sets that appeared to be constructed of solid would were actually just veneers and flimsy. I knew this wouldn’t hold up to all the use and everyday abuse. My youngsters use the kitchen table for everything. They do homework, crafts, fights, and playing around that table. I then searched multiple furniture stores, estate sales as well as antique stores, however could not find the perfect solution. I finally called up a custom furniture shop in the local area. Although this path was much more lavish, I felt that it was worth it. I was able to design exactly what I hoped to get, choose the type of wood, as well as be certain of the durability. Secondly, the custom furniture shop provided chairs to match. When the end result was sent, I was so happy with it that I made a decision to have the entire kitchen done in the same wood as well as style. The master craftsman was able to design as well as build kitchen sets according to my needs as well as the size of the kitchen.


Southwest style

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