A wedding present of a custom made bedroom set

My sisters as well as I had some trouble coming up with a wedding present for my brother and his new wife.

My sisters and I wanted to do something special.

The group of us were looking for a gift that would be practical however also a nice one. My one sister wanted to have a gazebo constructed for the new wife’s garden, although I argued that this would end up creating work for the new bride to be. My other sister commanded sending them on a cruise to a tropical island, however they were going on a honeymoon to the tropics, so that seemed overdone. After a whole bunch of debating with my many sisters, I came across a custom furniture shop. I knew that my brother and his wife had constantly wanted to replace their bedroom furniture. They were still using furniture that they’d purchased secondhand at a garage sale. The bed frame as well as dressers were scratched as well as worn, as well as truly oversized for the space. My sisters as well as I measured the sets of the master bedroom without my brother and his bride knowing. The group of us then took the square footage as well as layout of the room to the custom furniture shop. The group of us worked with a designer to develop a style for the furniture. There were a lot of choices for us to make. The group of us had to decide everything from the type of wood as well as finish to the knobs for the dresser drawers. My sisters and I chose a headboard as well as footboard, as well as many dressers as well as a vanity.


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