The need for added measures of home security

I grew up and have always lived in a very small town.

We are mainly a farming community, and there is little crime in the area.

When I was a kid, we never locked the doors to our homes or vehicles. My friends and I walked to football games and home from school without fear. Unfortunately, things have changed, and there’s now a need for home security measures. About eight years ago, my home was robbed. We’d left the front door unlocked and no one was home. The robbery occurred during the middle of the day. I am extremely thankful that neither my son or daughter were home at the time. The thief got away with several laptops, headphones, MP3 players, a blu-ray player, a bunch of jewelry and some cash. More than the loss of our possessions, we were bothered by the feeling of invasion. It was frightening and unsettling. My first priority was to increase the security of the home. Simply locking the front door was not enough. I invested in a home security system that includes automated door locks, window sensors and an alarm. When a family member arrives home, they simply punch in the code to gain entrance. If anyone trips the alarm, the security company calls us and asks for the password. If we don’t respond, the police are dispatched to our residence. Whether we are at home or the house is empty, we keep everything locked at all times. I feel much better about leaving for work, my kids getting home from school and going to bed at night knowing that we are safe and protected by the security system.


Integrated System Installation

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