Making the upgrade to a wifi thermostat adds security to home

A little over a year ago, I decided to make the switch from a manual thermostat to a wifi alternative.

Although the cost of a smart thermostat is rather high, the energy savings and convenience make the investment worthwhile.

After quite a bit of research, I contacted a local HVAC contractor for help. I wanted to be sure I chose a thermostat that would suit my make and model of furnace and air conditioner. The HVAC contractor made several recommendations, including the much bigger investment into a home automation system. The home automation system links household appliances into a central control and includes the thermostat, lights, sound system and even the oven and coffee maker. The best part of this package is the security system. We’ve added window sensors which provide alerts if any of the windows are opened or broken. We now have exterior lights that are automatically triggered by motion and both indoor and outdoor security cameras. From an app on my phone, I’m able to see who is standing on the doorstep and knocking on the front door. I can speak to them through an intercom and have the ability to unlock the door. All of the door locks, including the garage and back porch, are automated and allow for remote control. There is also the option to provide delivery men or family members with a temporary security code to get inside. Because of this security system, I have more confidence in my family’s safety. At any time, from virtually anywhere, I can check up on the house.
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