Rentals in Lockport have gone way up

A few years ago, my husband started his own painting business.

He was working for a construction company for 20 years, before he decided to start his own company.

I was very happy with the idea, and I knew my husband could make plenty of money on residential and commercial painting jobs. When he started the business three years ago, we looked for an industrial space in Lockport, New York. At the time, the commercial and industrial space rentals were affordable. We were going to rent a space, but we decided not to at the last minute. We’ve been running the painting business from our garage at home. Unfortunately, the business is getting too big to work out of the garage. I decided to look into rentals in Lockport, New York again, and I was really surprised by the rental rates. Most of the commercial spaces are way too expensive for our company. I’m still looking for the perfect place, but I’m starting to feel worried. If we can’t afford any rentals in Lockport, New York, then we’re going to have to find a commercial rental space somewhere else. I don’t want the business too far from our residence, because that will increase the morning commute. My husband already works very long hours, and we don’t want to add to the day. I can take my time looking, but we’re gonna need to find someplace before the start of next year. That is usually our busiest season. A lot of homeowners like to schedule interior and exterior painting for the spring, when it’s cool outside.


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