Should have done the heater maintenance

When I started up the gas heater in autumn, I was a bit worried about the performance.

The gas furnace made some odd noises, spewed a lot of dirt from the vents, & the air smelled real musty.

The weather had turned super much earlier in the season than usual, & I didn’t get the opportunity to call for HVAC preventative service. This was that I was especially tied up at work, & there was a ton of jobs to do around the home to prepare for the upcoming cold. I needed to make sure there was plenty of rock salt for our driveway. I also needed to get the Wintertide tires put onto the car, schedule plowing & haul out all of our family’s Wintertide clothing. I should have paid more attention to the gas furnace. The problems with operation steadily got worse. I was forced to turn up the temperature control many times because the furnace couldn’t keep up with demand. My utility bills also went up too due to this. Also, at the same time, I needed to vacuum & dust more often. Sadly, I failed to contact an HVAC repair supplier until the oil furnace quit completely. The heating equipment malfunctioned during the center of the night, over a weekend, when the outside temperatures were down a few degrees. There was no way the two of us could get by with no heating in the house. So I had no choice but to spend extra money for overtime repairs. The professional took care of the gas furnace & found it totally clogged with dust & debris. What was sad was that he told me that the repair could have absolutely been prevented with proactive maintenance in the fall.



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