More insulation and a fan addition

Where I live I endure some genuinely brutal & humid summers.

The cooling device carries a tremendous workload & daily electric bills suddenly add up.

The attic temperature can climb to shockingly high temperatures. The overheated attic impacts the total house, leading to a sizzling & sticky house. The AC plan then needs to run longer & work more hours to achieve the thermostat setting. This adds to use and abuse, changing the probability of malfunction & reducing repair life. Because our home is aged & the attic was not genuinely well insulated, the heat transfer into the house was a large concern. I finally consulted with a town HVAC business who commanded blown-in insulation as well as the change over of a solar powered attic fan. The improvement has been huge. I was a bit skeptical at the start of it, however the solar fan is charmingly effective, silent & able to handle the heat. The fan is constructed to withstand hurricane force windows over 169 MPH. The solar panels are made of strong tempered glass & an anodized aluminum frame. Because the fan doesn’t link into the electrical panel in anyway, I didn’t need an electrician or a building inspector to check for it. The four-wing aluminum fan runs absolutely on solar power, costing me nothing to operate & is installed onto the roof. The replacement process was fast & caused no mess or damage to the house. Putting in the attic insulation & fan has eliminated the problems of an overly sizzling & moist attic. I no longer need to worry about bacteria in the attic.


Heat pump install

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