Repairing the Broken Furnace

The sweet news is that I slept well last night after a couple of exhausting days of sleep… The not-so-sweet news is that I need to spend our whole morning working on our old gas furnace again because it died on me last night.

I mostly don’t mind working on the old furnace though, as it is much more fun than having to spend our whole morning at our desk task that I quit recently.

I was a service engineer for the manufacturing side for Heating as well as Air Conditioning devices as well as grew unquestionably exhausted of doing the same mundane tasks each morning so I finally left the company. I believed engineering was more exciting as well as creative, however it ended up being endless meetings as well as TPS reports, along with hours of meaningless texts each morning. Now I appreciate that our days are spent now working on our Heating as well as Air Conditioning devices in the peacefulness of our home. I drink our morning root beer at a nice and relaxed pace as well as appreciate sitting outside listening to the birds before starting our work on the broken down water heater. I’ve begun the process of simplifying our life as well as am almost down to the bare essentials, which I plan on doing till I call it quits when I am an old man. I thought that working for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning company as an engineer would be our lifelong career however it wasn’t what I thought so I left it to search for freedom instead. I don’t have hardly any money anymore, but I have enough to get by as well as a buffer in the bank to cover any serious emergency, as well as that is all I need.


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