We want to record the SkyBall Serve with the Drone

Tonight will be cool to the fullest, because we are going to put a drone 76 feet in the sky as well as try to record the perfect example of our skyball serve which is always a crowd number one in our beachside volleyball games. I just hope I don’t wipe out the drone with our serve or it could be an valuable night. I think the drone costs almost $2500 so I need to be extra cautious as well as make sure the drone is out of our serving range before doing the project. Every one of us planned on doing it two days ago however there was a torrential downpour. My a/c got fried that night too because of lightning striking right beside our house. I don’t think the lightning hit the air compressor outside directly, but it struck so close to it that there was a surge in power that cooked some breakers on the unit. I don’t entirely suppose a lot about Heating as well as Air Conditioning device repair but I do suppose that right after the lightning struck our HVAC system was no longer running. It was pretty startling when it struck because the noise was entirely scary as well as the whole kitchen lit up in the process. I went outside to make sure nothing was aflame as well as noticed that there was smoke coming from where the a/c compressor is located. I’m not 100% sure what got burned however now I will need to contact the Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech which installed the device as well as tell them the story, then i’m just lucky it didn’t hit our loft or the immense old oak tree hanging over it.


a/c set up