Smacked in the Face by the HEPA Filter Panel Grille

Last night I was changing the HEPA filter located behind the grille in the ceiling when the grille door swung down and smacked me in the lip.

  • It hit me really hard and almost knocked me off of the stepladder.

I immediately ran to the kitchen and put an ice pack on it and today it is still sore but at least it isn’t all swollen and puffy. I guess I should call an HVAC tech next time and save my mouth from the pain. I’m lucky it didn’t knock out my tooth to look on the bright side. I was going to clean my ductwork today but now that I think about it I better just call the HVAC company, as I have a service plan with them, and have them do it for me. I can then use my energy for painting the gameroom in the house and working on other things. My sore mouth is a reminder that I don’t need to do everything around the house and am better off calling an HVAC pro to help me with the climate control system. I wish they didn’t put the filter up there in the ceiling like that but I guess that is the only spot where the air handler could go in my house. The last house I owned had the air handler in the closet so replacing the HEPA filter was a lot easier. It isn’t a big deal though and I am just happy to have cold air in my house during the hot months.

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