Need to Get Another Covid Test Next Week

I’ll be flying to Europe in a week, can’t wait, and I will need to get my Covid test.

I’ve had three vaccine shots now and also got Covid a year ago so I am pretty much immune to the thing now.

I am not looking forward to the long trip back overseas but am pretty excited about going back to my life there and my other set of friends. My job as an HVAC tech is waiting for me at the HVAC business when I return there. I think I am going to get a roommate when I get back to cut my expenses down and to have someone there to take care of the place when I come back here to the states for my two month visit. My HVAC supplier friend is looking for a place so I may ask him if he wants to room with me. He can take the master bedroom and pay a bit more while I’ll take the small bedroom and live cheaply. He earns more than I do as he runs the whole HVAC company basically and works a lot of hours. I won’t even see him much because he goes to work before I even get up and when he goes to bed I am still out at the beach playing ball. He is great at fixing any heating and cooling problems in the house so that is another plus of having him as a roommate. I think we will do well living together and am happy to have someone to hang out with at home once in a while.