A Day in the Gameroom Cleaning and Painting

I have about six hours till I have to be on the volleyball courts so I am going to try and get as much done as I can today with the painting and cleaning of the gameroom in my dad’s house.

There were a bunch of paintings and things hung on the walls that I had to remove and now I have to fill in all of the nail holes before painting the walls.

I also need to clean the floors of all of the nails and screws before beginning to paint. There is a small window air conditioner that I need to take out as it doesn’t work anymore and we are going to toss it out. I’m sure there is someone who can use the parts on it for repairing other units so we will put it near the street and hopefully someone will take it away. My dad has a central HVAC unit and there is a vent in the game room so we won’t be needing another window unit because he has zoned cooling and heating throughout the house now. I just want to get the painting done today, or very close to done, so that I can relax for the next week that I am here in the states. I helped my dad last week clean the HVAC system and we are getting an HVAC company to come out soon to tune it up. I think after that I will be done with the work on this house and ready to head back to my life overseas.
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