Helping Momma with a New HEPA Filter

Today is Friday and I am going to mom’s house to help put in a new washable HEPA filter for a hotdog.

It’s not just any hotdog but a Snappy Griller coney hotdog, which is one of my all time favorites.

I will hang out at her house and help with her HVAC system by not only installing the HEPA but cleaning some of the ductwork as it has been a long time since she’s had it done. After doing the cleaning I am going to meet my friend and hang out with him and his kids to teach them some volleyball tricks. Later tonight we are going to watch a hockey game in my buddy’s air conditioned man cave and drink a couple beers together like old times. He built the man cave a few months ago and just finished it last week so it should be a cool place to chill away from the screaming kids. He has a “no kids allowed” rule for the man cave so it’s just the guys for the game tonight. I’ll probably stay overnight there and in the morning we are going to the local business to try and get a ductless air conditioner for the upstairs room where he does his work. I may even get to the beach later tomorrow and play some games of volleyball with my friend I met in Europe who is from here in my hometown in the states. We haven’t seen each other since meeting at this HVAC company we were both shopping in one day a few years ago.


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