An Apple a Day with 10% Fat Greek Yogurt

Try this combination; get a good crispy apple, slice it up, and dip each slice into some thick and creamy high fat yogurt.

It has such a good taste when you combine the two and gives you a lot of vitamins and minerals, along with a good dose of probiotics for the digestive system.

I have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to kick start my mind and then I eat the apple and yogurt when my stomach tells me it is time for breakfast. It’s much healthier than sweet cereal or sausage and eggs. The HVAC rep at the local business got me hooked on the apple and yogurt combo a long time ago and I’ve been eating it every day since. I also like to eat an apple with kefir because kefir is even more loaded with probiotics and has more strains of it too. I’ve gone back to that HVAC business to thank the rep who turned me onto the tasty breakfast alternative only to find he has moved on to work for the company in another country. I’ve told a lot of people about it and a lot of them really like it for breakfast. So anyways, today is Friday and I am going to go to the local contractor to see if they have any heat pumps because my mom needs a new one installed and I want to buy one for her. I am leaving to go overseas in a week and just want to help her out while I am still here.

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