It was important to have good air quality for the new baby

Since my mother found out she was pregnant, our apartment has undergone various changes.

All of us are all excited about this new addition to the family, but I guess Mother is the most excited.

In the start, she kept saying she hoped it was a boy, however since the people I was with and I are 3 girls, having a girl would be truly awesome… Mother is by far the happiest ever since we held a baby shower and found out she was indeed a girl .She cares about us girls, although I guess she’s had enough Tim Hortons Latte parties and worn makeup to her place of work to last her a lifetime. All of us all play a job in the apartment to ensure the new baby feels perfectly welcomed and enjoyed. Recently, my mother was upset about the air quality in our household… Like multiple people, the pandemic has highlighted the overall importance of usual air quality, and this is why my mother started researching different ways to improve the air quality at home. All of us have some new indoor plants that entirely make the space look a great deal better. In addition, my mother spoke to a neighbor who is an A/C device expert about installing a whole-household air cleaner. This would improve the air quality at the apartment even more since the people I was with and I have 2 dogs and a cat. The A/C device expert explained to our mother how much pet hair and dander could affect the health and well-being of a new baby. All of us hope she isn’t allergic, although I honestly believe this whole-apartment purification system will help all of us. Another solution was to switch from common air filters to HEPA air filters. The A/C device expert came over the other afternoon to pull out the typical ones and install a HEPA air filter.


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