I hope no one bought her poor quality AC products

I recently traveled to a different state.

On a hot morning, I noticed an AC product sign while exploring.

Due to the fact that AC products are not available on the street, I immediately recognized this to be a scam. There was a woman who approached me and asked if I needed any heating or air conditioning products. I informed her that I did not require any heating or air conditioning equipment. She asked me if I could spare five minutes after following me for some time. Instead of running away, I chose to stay with her and hear what she had to say. There were many frightening items in this lady’s cart. She had low-quality portable air conditioners and heating systems. Aside from washable air filters, she also had regular air filters and smart control units. These Heat and Air Conditioning products did not appear to be legitimate. My gut told me to run again, but I felt sorry for the woman who appeared to be in such a desperate situation. She claims that she provides cheap replacements for products. She has been working in this field for her entire life, even though she is not a certified HVAC technician. In spite of her offer, I told her that most HVAC and A/C workers attend college for a year in order to learn how to install these systems. Somehow, I felt bad for her, but I felt worse for those who purchase these products or services from non-legitimate HVAC contractors.


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