New home came with great HVAC but wrong ductwork

Just going from the not so quality heating and air of apartment to having a home where I actually owned the HVAC unit was a big deal. But to move into a new constructed home as a first time homeowner was just remarkable. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. That’s exactly what happened with this house. A planned community was being built and was starting to sell lots and homes just as the pandemic hit. Lots of people were being sent home from the zone controlled HVAC of the office with pay cuts right then. And so many others were just out of a job, laid off or both. So there just wasn’t much of a rush to buy into this new housing development. But I actually have been working from the air conditioning of my home since I left college. I work as an IT expert and the company I work for allows me to work from home when I’m not traveling to a customer. Neither my work nor my salary were affected when the pandemic hit. While I didn’t travel by commercial airline any longer, I just cranked up the air conditioning in my car and drove where I needed to go. So I was able to take advantage of a special the developers were offering otherwise, I couldn’t have afforded this place. But what’s funny is that it took me nearly three weeks of living in my new house before I noticed the ductwork layout. The HVAC was so great in that house that I didn’t notice for nearly a month that the ductwork layout was for a different floorplan.

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