Don’t take the HVAC for granted

It’s funny how some people seem to get away with such heinous behavior without any sort of accountability.

  • That’s so not the case when it comes to my life.

I definitely come from the school that the universe seeks balance. And for me, that balance comes quickly. Some might call that instant karma. I’ve known this since I was young and still living inside the quality heating and air of my parent’s house. So I know that when I do something wrong or dumb, the consequences are waiting for me right around the corner. While I still think it’s not fair that some get away with terrible things over and over, I kind of like knowing that my accountability comes swiftly. The fact that I sort of just allowed myself to simply take the heating and cooling of my home for granted also came with consequences. For years, I made sure that the HVAC unit was looked after. We replaced the heating and cooling equipment when we first bought the place. And I was on top of calling for heating maintenance in the fall as well as getting an air conditioning tune-up in the spring. And without fail, I changed the HVAC air filter each month and made sure that all the HVAC air ducts were open and unobstructed. But as the kids got older and my responsibilities inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office grew, I started to forget about the HVAC unit. Being me, that came back on me quick. The very night that my wife took the kids to see her parents was the night the air conditioning stopped working.

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