Fourth of July heat met with amazing air conditioning

It’s going to be a different time this year when I throw my annual Fourth of July bash.

This is something that I’ve been doing since college.

When I moved off campus as a junior, five other buddies and I rented a house. And while it didn’t have much in the way of quality heating and air, it had a big backyard. That was the first time that I threw the first bash on the 4th. Fast forward more than two decades and I haven’t missed a 4th yet. But I’ve certainly upgraded my domicile. Our house is lovely and has wonderful residential HVAC. We are also very fortunate to have more than 25 acres of land as well. So when we throw the bash on the 4th, we don’t ever have to limit the guest list. That’s pretty awesome and we have an amazing time. There are several grills and smokers going all day as we eat and eat and eat. We also have horse shoes, a pool and a variety of other games to play all day. But this year, we added something new. I had an sort of barn built right out back. However, I had this thing finished off with floors, walls, plumbing and electric. I also had the local HVAC company install HVAC equipment and ductwork inside the barn. So this year, folks can get out of the heat and into the air conditioning without having to go inside the main house. I’m so excited about having this extra space. But the fact that it comes with such great HVAC cooling is just really a thrill.

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