The furnace unit had a burning smell

I turned the A/C machine off, and sure enough, the smell dissipated

I almost had a panic attack when I realized my home had a burning smell inside of it. I started to feel dizzy and nauseated, and bad memories came flooding back to when my room was on fire. When I was young, my parents had a space furnace in my room to help keep me warm, however it ended up catching on fire, and I had to be rushed out of my home by my parents. Ever since then, I have been paranoid about HVAC systems and them being a potential fire hazard. Thankfully, I have been extremely careful, and I have never had issues. So when I suddenly started smelling a burning smell, that is why I started panicking. I started rushing around my home like a madman, trying to find the source of the smell. It smelled like it was coming everywhere. This made me panic even further, because I originally thought it might be an electrical fire. Then I remember I turned the heating unit on 10 minutes ago, since it is early winter, and I haven’t used the HVAC machine in awhile. I turned the A/C machine off, and sure enough, the smell dissipated. That was the issue, the heating system was just burning off dust because it hadn’t been used in awhile. I felt a huge wave of relief, and even though I knew this, my heart was still racing in my chest. I went ahead and turned the heater back on, and sat down on the couch to rest.

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