I had to drive my husband’s truck, and it does not have AC

I am a city girl at heart.

I grew up in the second largest city in the United States, and I loved it.

I was never interested in doing anything outside of the city. The thing that I enjoyed the most was going to the mall with friends. I did go to a friend’s house once who lived out in the country, and I was such a baby. I could not stand the bugs that kept landing on me as we walked through her field. I tried to ride a horse, but it did not end up so well. Needless to say, the country life was not for me. Something must have changed over the years however because I am now living on my own farmland with my husband, and we spend every day out in the fields or in the barn with the animals. We both own pickup trucks which was something that I told myself I would never own. I think it is hilarious how much I have changed. I had to take my husband’s truck yesterday to drive to town, and it does not have any air conditioning. If I were my old self, I would have never been able to drive his truck because it does not have air conditioning. I used to get so hot that I could not stay outside for more than about thirty minutes during the summer months. I just laugh thinking about that now. I had no problem driving his truck without air conditioning. It was a little hot, but I just rolled down the windows and dealt with it. It is so crazy how much life can change you.

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