The two of us need a gas heater in our bathroom

I love living in a big ancient farmhouse.

  • My wife, Todd, and I moved into the farmhouse that every one of us currently live in about many years ago.

I cannot tell you how ecstatic every one of us were to find this location. My Grandparents owned a farmhouse that had been in my family for several generations, but unfortunately, it was torn down to build a railroad. I was hoping to get that house, but my dreams were shattered when they tore it down. Todd and I found this house after about 2 years of looking, and it is entirely similar to my Grandparents ancient farmhouse. I love living here. It feels love every one of us opted to go back in time about one hundred years. The two of us have done a lot of renovating recently, and it has come a long way. The two of us are trying to keep the appeal of the ancient house while also adding some modern conveniences. One location that every one of us have not gotten to yet is the bathroom. There is one bathroom downstairs, and it has entirely no heat running to it. It was redone about thirty-5 years ago, but for some reason no one ever ran heat to it. There is almost nothing worse than a bathroom that is not heated. I dread going to the bathroom while every one of us were in the Winter time weeks. It is so freezing in that room, and resting on an ice freezing toilet is never enjoyable. My wife and I absolutely plan to run heat to that bathroom before every one of us do anything else. I have a small space gas furnace in there right now, but it entirely does not do much at all. I will be using 2 space heating systems if every one of us do not have heat yet this winter.

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