The furnace just went out in our rv, and every one of us are trying to figure out the best way to heat it now

My wife and I travel a lot.

The two of us do not own a home.

Instead, every one of us own a second wheel camp and a giant diesel truck to pull it. The two of us travel to unusual churches and locations around the country to help out in any way that every one of us can. My wife knows a lot about plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, and mechanics, so every one of us usually end up helping people in one of those categories. I entirely do love what every one of us do, then people ask myself and others if it is terrible living in a second wheel and always being on the road. I honestly do not think it is terrible. The two of us remodeled our second wheel, and it is quite large. It is honestly all the space that every one of us need and then some. The two of us even have an extra dining room just in case every one of us have family or friends that want to stay with us. The two of us usually stay in one section for about several weeks before every one of us travel to the next location. The wintertime is the hardest time if every one of us are staying somewhere that is cold. The furnace in our camper just quit on us, and every one of us are trying to figure out alternate ways to heat our second wheel. The two of us will be up north from December through March this year, and every one of us do not want to freeze. My wife has had some recommendations from people that also live in second wheels. Some say that propane heating systems are the way to go, and others say that electric heating systems are best. The two of us suppose that propane heating would be cheaper, but I am not sure that I am ready to deal with the odor. I entirely dislike the odor of propane. The two of us have to make a decision soon because Winter time will be here before every one of us suppose it.



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