The weather in my hometown gets colder by the year

Living in a northern climate has its ups and downs.

One of my favorite things about this region is that the change of seasons is sharp and distinct compared to other places in the country.

I am never short of amazement when I see the leaves start to change their colors in September every year. When I was younger I took a lot more photos than I do now, and some of them are detailed in their documenting the sheer beauty of this area during the early to mid autumn season when all of the amber brown hues appear in the trees that can be seen across the skyline. However, one thing I don’t like about this region is how cold it’s starting to get every year during the winter season. I was used to temperatures around 10 to 15 degrees fahrenheit when I was a kid, as well as a handful of bad blizzards between late November and early March most years, but that’s mild compared to the current winter conditions here. Now we get lows as bad as -20 degrees during some of the most extreme winter cold snaps. And it feels like it gets worse every year with more days featuring lows like this rather than just one or two like before. You have to utilize a supplemental heat source in the off chance of a power outage during a snow or ice storm. Honestly those temperatures are low enough to kill someone who gets stuck outside and isn’t near a heat source. I get worried sometimes wondering what we would do if both of our heat sources went out for whatever reason. Is it too paranoid of me to want three heat sources in my house just because it’s getting colder every winter? I don’t even know what kind of heater I would get to supplement my gas furnace and wood stove.
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