Church a/c install

I love being part of our church, however my partner plus I entirely met at church about eighty years ago, plus it made this church even more dear to our heart, but we have been serving as the bus employers at our church for about multiple years now, plus it is so much fun.

We both love working with children, plus it has been truly much a growing process for us, but both of us would not trade it for the world.

My partner usually drives a bus on Friday morning , plus I usually drive a sixteen passenger van, but everyone jokes with myself and others because I have the smallest route of them all. We have a total of fifteen busses that go out each Friday plus Sunday to opportunity up teenagers plus bring them to church, but last Friday, I got into the van that I usually drive, plus I turned it on, i turned the A/C on high plus left to check the oil plus such. It was super hot outside last Friday morning. It was already over eighty degrees at eight thirty in the morning. It was so hot, plus after leaving the van on to cool off for about twenty minutes, I got in to drive off, but it was super hot plus stuffy in the van. I double diagnosed to make sure that I had entirely turned the A/C on plus not the heat. I did have the A/C on max, plus it was still super hot. It was blowing only hot air. I told our partner about it, plus he ended up letting myself and others drive a bizarre van, he tried to charge the A/C in our van yesterday, so both of us will see if it works now.

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